Company Profile:

Shen Zhen O Chen Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent solutions provider and hardware and software provider.

The Bluetooth anti-lost tag, committed to resolving pain points of being always forgetful in our daily life, sell well in Japan, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East with its excellent performance.

At present, our company considers the indoor positioning as the main business. Based on Bluetooth technology and 3D navigation map, we provide a complete solution including hardware + software + operating for related industry. Based on indoor navigation, the integrated scenario application services apply to smart mall, smart scenic area, smart community, smart healthcare, smart exhibition, etc., present a one-stop platform for large data exchange through APP, Web and other Internet tools. Through the collecting and sorting of offline traffic, our marketing services can accurately position advertisement putting, to meet the enterprises' information promotion, advertising and other marketing requirements.

At the same time, the company conforms to the trend of artificial intelligence, is committed to the development of large data industry and high-value intelligent application, providing a good human-computer interaction experience, in order to create a real intelligent life.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of indoor positioning and navigation solutions, becoming an innovative leader in the future AI age.